About TA YU

Sterling qualities, originated from INSISTENCE.

TA YU adheres to being both physically and intellectually attractive. Integrity, honesty, commitment, perseverance, efficiency and speed, we have focused on adherence to TA YU's value and significance for more than forty years since its establishment in 1973. As of today, TA YU has become a knitted elastic band expert trusted by more than 300 customers throughout Taiwan.

Our Professionalism and Perseverance

Efficiency: Capable response, fast sample making, delivery time limit.
Elasticity: Customized specifications and special products are acceptable.
Design: Tailor-made and design exclusive products according to customer demand.
Professionalism: 40 years experience of knitting specialty started with raw silk material.

1. 100% Made in Taiwan, quality guaranteed.
2. Raw material adopted processed Nylon wire, lead-free

non-toxic Spuntex elastic rubber wire imported from

3. Bulk purchase of raw materials from abroad.
4. All raw materials are produced in a non-polluting

5. Screen printing-use virgin rubber and pigments adopted

lead-free, non-toxic world's famous brand products.

Manufacturer designated by major well-known brands, clothing factories and professional sports brands. Sold throughout the world.

Adhering to professionalism. Adding fashion, personality, function and convenience to your goods.




Founded in Tanzi, Taiwan Taichung, specializing in production of various types of elastic cord-use rubber wire, rubber belt, rubber cloth, etc.

Additional new products --- round rubber wire, knitted elastic band, exported all over the world.

Business expanded, relocating in Taiwan Taichung West District, continuing production of knitted elastic band and other products.

Taiwan Taichung Xitun central station expansion program of spare parts warehouse for thousands of Pings (area unit).

An annual increase of all kinds of processed and knitted production machinery and expanding production capacity.